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Everyone encounters challenges in different seasons of life. You might be grappling with a difficult situation, feeling overwhelmed, or finding it hard to break free from recurring patterns. It hasn’t been easy.

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The therapeutic process is a journey of self-discovery, where you uncover the tools to navigate life’s challenges with resilience. Therapy is choice that you make for yourself, a commitment to your well-being, and a path to a more fulfilling life.

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We believe that you deserve to live your best life.

Our team of highly experienced counsellors are dedicated to providing compassionate and effective care, and we would be honoured to support you on your journey.

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As part of our commitment to your personal mental health journey, we offer services such as psychotherapy, parent coaching, workshops, and supervision.

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13:36 30 Jul 23
Devina OdiliaDevina Odilia
11:58 26 Jul 23
A great listener and natural conversationalist. Priscilla made me able to see different perspectives in such a comfortable way, and at the end of the session she gave a practical advice that's tailored to my situation. Recommended.
Wil NgWil Ng
06:04 19 May 23
Priscilla is an outstanding virtual coach and counsellor. Despite not meeting in person, her expertise in parenting skills and attachment theory, along with her empathic listening, has had a profound impact on my life. She creates a safe and supportive environment through virtual sessions, providing practical strategies tailored to my needs. Priscilla's flexibility and accommodation of my schedule have been exceptional. I highly recommend her as a dedicated and knowledgeable professional who has made a positive difference in my parenting journey.
Kevin LohKevin Loh
12:30 11 May 23
Happened to be very down at one point, unable to get myself out from my own disappointment and depression. Thought of giving myself one counseling session to see how things go and I am so glad I did. Really thank you, Ms. Priscilla. Very professional. She has created an environment for me to talk and share everything out which has been stuck inside of me. Sometimes we just need someone that can really listen to us and enlighten us from a different perspective.
Chia Ling ChuaChia Ling Chua
15:53 07 Nov 22
I went through the Circles of Security parenting program with Priscilla over a period of 8 weeks. Priscilla is warm and welcoming, a strong and passionate advocate for children and believes in empowering parents to be a safe and secure presence for their kids. I enjoyed my sessions with Priscilla and learnt much from her own parenting journey as well. Priscilla is open and encouraging and does not shy away from sharing her own struggles and mistakes in her own parenting, which makes the sessions very personable as well. Highly recommend Pris if you’re looking for someone to journey with you in your parenting!
Winoa NgWinoa Ng
05:16 09 Sep 22
Priscilla is able to build rapport and connect with the kids quickly. From the first session, the kids immediately felt safe with her and were able to share freely. They came out of every session feeling heard, seen, understood, ready to heal and grow. I am thankful for Priscilla, she renders great emotional support to us as a family, allowing us to thrive and be a better version of ourselves.
Rainbow LimRainbow Lim
07:41 29 Aug 22
Therapy is pricey, but if you need it, you need it! No shame in finding a safe space to chat and being asked difficult yet thought-provoking questions to help you figure out why you think and feel certain things. While I was hesitant at first (because of the price as well as my skepticism on whether therapy would even be helpful in the first place), my session with Priscilla at RANGE exceeded my expectations. She was patient and not pushy. She did not try to make me think what SHE thinks but rather guided me to figure out by myself what my true feelings and intentions were behind certain actions. Going away, I felt more at peace and a deeper understanding of myself. 10/10 recommended, even if you are on the fence about therapy. It truly changed my life!
Teo Jie TingTeo Jie Ting
05:46 07 Jun 22
Priscilla's candid approach and communication style allowed me to share my problems openly and comfortably. She patiently listens and guides you to discover insights to my problems. Her dedication to her clients also can be seen when she checks in on me even after sessions or after her working hours. Grateful to have found Priscilla and blessed to have her journeying with me. 🥰
Ee Ping TanEe Ping Tan
02:42 06 Jun 22
Sessions with Priscilla are comfortable and she really takes the time out to listen to my problems and help me work through them. Even after the sessions, her care doesn't stop and she would text to check in on me to see how I am handling my issues. Really grateful to be able to work with her.
Kai Ling KohKai Ling Koh
12:07 01 Jun 22
I have gone to a couple of counsellors over the years and so far Priscilla is the only one that manages to get me pretty instantaneously. The sessions with her have been easy and casual. At the end of each session, i always feel a little lighter and have been rewarded with more insights on how and why i feel certain ways.Would i recommend this to everyone?Only to people who are looking for a place to be seen and heard. Priscilla will guide you through and slowly breakdown what makes you tick and how to better cope with it.So give her a shot 😁

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