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Get to know JT.

Psychotherapist & Head of Strategic Growth

I believe that everything in life happens for the reason of allowing us to be, providing us the chance to have unique human lives. Nonetheless, such uniqueness may bring about pain and hurt and in those moments it can be hard to appreciate the uniqueness of our own life. In our therapeutic sessions, I will take a gentle, compassionate, playful and respectful approach to explore your pain and hurt working through them tenderly with you.

I have worked with an array of conditions that my clients have faced ranging from challenges such as anxiety, depression, addiction, past trauma including bullying or familial abuse, chronic relationship issues, and individual dissatisfaction to find flexibility to change.
My approach intends to foster your adaptability and flexibility with self-compassion rather
than self resentment to develop a healthier outlook on your life experience.

I treasure the process and honor the chance to be able to work with my clients. Treating my
clients with genuineness without disrespecting their rights and values in life, I may challenge softly to facilitate change. At the same time, I believe I am changing and learning from my client's flexibility and courageous attempts in sessions.

Growing up in a challenging neighbourhood in Penang, I have witnessed first-hand the
hardships others endured. It is unfortunate that not everyone has access to a supportive
environment. Therefore, I attempt to create a professional but supportive and safe space
where you can embark on your transformative journey.

Qualifications and Credentials

  • Masters of Counselling Psychology (University Malaysia Sabah)
  • Bachelors of Psychology (HELP University)
  • Provisional Clinical Member of Singapore Association for Counselling
  • Licensed Practicing Counsellor of Board of Counsellors Malaysia
  • Certificate for Supervision of Malaysian Counsellors (Level 2)

Recognized & Certified by

Continuing Education & Trainings

  • Finding Meaning in Pain
  • Emotional Nourishment Workshop- The Hakomi Method
  • Superhero Therapy Workshop
  • Psychological First Aid Training
  • Life Stories and Psychotherapy: An introductory workshop

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Let's Get in Touch

We offer a 15-minute free consultation via phone call or text messaging.

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